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"No One Left Behind"


We are known as a group of former law enforcement officers and former military service members, now private investigators who have become search and recovery investigators that bring answers to families with missing love ones. "We are The Essentials”.

In our previous careers, we investigated a vast number of federal and state crimes, protected US and foreign diplomats, worked undercover rescuing human trafficking victims, worked counter-terrorism cases, and apprehended violent criminals and gang members. Now retired we continue to use our skills to investigate and recover missing people.

We do not seek fame or fortune. Instead, we come together utilizing our skills to bring awareness to missing person's cases and answers to families needing assistance finding their loved ones. In these cases, we have self-funded the investigations thus far but are now an official 501c3 in the name of “We Are The Essentials For The Missing” . To offset the cost of the investigations and to purchase much needed equipment, we accept donations and rewards on cases we solve.


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