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This page is dedicated to those who we have brought home. 

We ask that you continue to pray for these families and support them.  

Individuals Recovered - May They Rest In Peace 

Kathleen Moore.jpg
Kathleen Moore
Pasco County, Florida
Brought Home On
December 7, 2021 
tina everheart.jpg
Tina Everheart
Hernando County, Florida
Brought Home On
January 16, 2023
John Larson .png
John Larson
Tampa, Florida
Brought Home On
June 1, 2022 
tom michael louie.jpg
Tom Michael Louie Jr.
Lakeland, Florida
Brought Home On
July 7, 2022 
joseph murray.jpg
Joseph Murray
Lakeland, Florida
Brought Home On
October 19, 2022 
Sarah Dreyer.jpeg
Alex Smith.JPG
Sarah Dreyer
Riverview, Florida
Brought Home On
April 19, 2023
Alex Smith
Sumatra, Florida
Brought Home On
June 8
, 2023 
Albert & Cynthia Allen
Brooksville, Florida
Brought Home On
September 2, 2023 

Individuals Rescued Safely 

Yaneisi Vega
Tampa, Florida
Located Safe On
August 19, 2022 
Lisa Marie Martin-Lafave.jpg

C L I C K   T O   D O N A T E

Lisa Marie Martin-LaFave
Lakeland, Florida
Located Safe On
November 23, 2022 
rachel scwartz.jpg
Rachel Scwartz
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Located Safe On
Febuary 14, 2023
tristan bashaw.jpg
Tristan Bashaw
Tallahassee, Florida
Located Safe On
October 28, 2022 
Wesley Brandenburg.jpg
Wesley Joe Brandenburg
Located Safe On
December 12, 2022
Skylar Regina Hooper-Snyder.jpg
Skylar Regina Hooper - Snyder
Hudson, Florida
Located Safe On
March 7, 2023
Bobby Joe Brown.jpg
Bobby Joe Brown
Winter Haven, Florida
Located Safe On
November 18, 2022 
Cheyenne French.jpg
Cheyenne Frech
Pasco County, Florida
Located Safe On
January 12, 2023
Maria Salazar
Plant City, Florida
Located Safe On
June 12, 2023
Anu Awasthi copy.jpg
Anu Awasthi
Oldsmar, Florida
Located Safe On
August 16, 2023

We provide our service free of charge to the families and law enforcement.  We are an official 501c3.  If you are able, please consider making a tax deductible, small donation, which will allow us to continue our work for free.  If everyone donated only $5 a month, it would make a huge impact.  Thank you and god bless.

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